Wellness Matters Taking Care of Yourself

It’s pretty straightforward to get help with your car, and pretty quick to get your hands on study notes. But, you may not give much thought to getting a personal tune up. Whether you’ve mastered circular breathing and meditation or you’ve noticed that you’re falling asleep in lectures you might find some useful information in the Wellness Matters section. Here we start the conversation about maintaining the dimensions of wellness while in medical school.  Keep yourself physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually well. Check your Vitals.


I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.” – Anna Freud (1895 – 1982)

Some days it can be more difficult than others to feel like you’re going to weather this storm and come out in one piece. Life isn’t easy sometimes, even without med school. But, you don’t have to feel like you’re in this alone. It may be helpful to connect with family or good friends. You can always set an appointment or drop in to see the great staff at Learner Equity & Wellness. If you’re looking for a couple of tools to look at now, try out some of the links in the Resources section


  • Western University provides health and wellness information, and has developed:
    • An interactive module to help students understand mental health issues: Mental Health Module
    • Quick references about signs and symptoms, coping strategies and contacts for stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, eating disorders, and trauma: Mental Health Information
    • Psychological Services provides individual counseling, drop-in groups and other services. Student Development Center 4100. Psyc Services
  • The CMA and CPHI have recently produced podcast series about physician wellness concern and its importance to our profession.  CMA Podcasts
  • If you have a family or children you can purchase extended health benefits to cover a portion of dental, prescription and other services.  Registration  Details of Benefits
  • Dental and eye care are often overlooked.  Your have health coverage includes annual dental appointments and the majority of X-rays to check for cavities.  Best to check and take care of things early.  Eye checkups are not covered in the current plan.
  • Nobody is invincible, so best to be covered.  Having disability insurance just in-case is inexpensive and provides money to pay the bills if something was to happen.  There are multiple options for coverage such as through partners of the OMA or CFMS
  • This site has some activities, including stress busters, interactive coping tools, information in the form of trivia and quizzes, artistic outlets, stories from athletes and celebrities, and a fantastic online community and link page: Mindyourmind Toolbox