School Matters Research

Although our lives may be full of extracurricular activities, being a student of medicine is the priority right now. The difficult bit is that while we were all experts in the field that we came from, we’re still learning to become experts in medicine. As a result you may find that things aren’t going quite as smoothly as they used to. For tips on how to keep up your “A” game, there is the School Matters section. Here you’ll find tips on simple things like where to go if you have a question, all the way up to deciding if your study style needs a complete overhaul. Have a look and take what you need. Happy studying.


Interested in doing research while in medical school?  There are many opportunities for the research-inclined from first year on.  The Research Office is a great place to get information about current research projects and opportunities.

Single summer research projects are available through the Summer Research Training Program (SRTP), while a greater research experience can be gained through the Schulich Research Opportunities Program (SROP) and MD/PhD programs.  The Windsor program similarly launched the Schulich-UWindsor Opportunities for Research Excellence Program (SWORP) in 2014 allowing research with UWindsor faculty.


  • Schulich Research Office – Information about research occurring at Schulich Medicine and opportunities. S. 1240 Robarts Research institute: Research
  • SAC Summer Opportunities Guide –  Link
  • Summer Research Training Program – Match to research projects offered by faculty for 20 weeks over 2 summers: SRTP
  • Schulich Research Opportunities Program – Conduct research with a Schulich Medicine faculty member over the course of 18 months: SROP
  • UWindsor Opportunities for Research Excellence Program – Conduct research with University of Windsor faculty member SWORP
  • Non-Credit Summer Electives – Clinical or research experiences: NCSE Info
  • Global Health Electives – National or international clinical elective in year 4. Year 1 and 2 medical students can also do international voluntary non-credit summer observerships. Room H041E. Global Research Opportunities in Health (GROH)  Local Opportunities
  • Education Research – The Center for Education and Research Innovation (CERI) provides opportunities to pursue questions of medical education.  Room HSA 110. CERI
  • History of Medicine – The Osler Society through its club and library provides opportunities to research aspects of medical history. Room HSA 041. Osler Society
  • Schulich MD/PhD program: MD/PhD
  • For conferences, presentations or other events related to representing Schulich Medicine or your research make sure to inform the school and file for an academic absence.  Forms in transition to Single Sign-On.
  • Joule Innovation Grants – The CMA recently launched a program to support innovative projects with $25,000 (4) and $50,000 (1) grants.  Annual call for applications. Joule