School Matters Academic & Non-Academic Leave

Although our lives may be full of extracurricular activities, being a student of medicine is the priority right now. The difficult bit is that while we were all experts in the field that we came from, we’re still learning to become experts in medicine. As a result you may find that things aren’t going quite as smoothly as they used to. For tips on how to keep up your “A” game, there is the School Matters section. Here you’ll find tips on simple things like where to go if you have a question, all the way up to deciding if your study style needs a complete overhaul. Have a look and take what you need. Happy studying.


Every once in a while, something urgent comes up and you will need to miss class. Life happens, and everybody understands.  While there are many valid reasons, the process for getting that time off is the same. If you are doing something academic or professional (a conference, presenting a paper, etc.) you can fill out a form for ‘academic leave’ 6 weeks before your event and submit it for approval by the main office.

For any non-academic situations (deaths in the family, illness, family matters, etc.) there is a similar form for ‘non-academic’ le­ave. Don’t worry, this form does not need to be handed in 6 weeks before. It is understood that non-academic concerns are not usually predictable, so the office is not as strict; that said, it would be best if you could get the form in as soon as you find out that you will need time off.

In a true emergency, email or call the Learner Equity & Wellness office. They are highly experienced in dealing with these situations and will be able to give you advice and take care of any immediate concerns. They can be busy though, so it would be best if you filled a ‘non-academic’ leave form whenever you can.

If you feel you have need some extra help to handle a situation or feel like the main office isn’t being reasonable (they usually do play a pretty fair ball game), advocates from Western Student Services and the Ombudsperson are available to help.


  • Absenteeism Policy & Forms:  Requests: Single Sign-On. Policy
  • Pregnancy and Parental Leave – Advised to speak with Assistant Dean to organize: Academic Accommodation and Leave
  • Learner Equity & Wellness Office – Contact for leave in illness, crisis and other emergent circumstances, no forms required.  Rm. K1 Kresge (London), Rm. 2124A MEB (Windsor): Learner Equity & Wellness
  • Services for students with disabilities – Academic accommodations and transport on-campus.  Rm. 4111 Western Student Services SSD
  • UWindsor Student Disability Services – provide services to students with disabilities and accommodation assessments, located in the lower level of Dillon Hall. UWindsor SDS
  • Office of the Ombudsperson – General information about university resources, student rights and responsibilities.  Also, investigation of student complaints.  Rm. 3135 Western Student Services Ombudsperson


  • Services for Students with Disabilities – 519-661-2147
  • UWindsor Student Disability Services –  519-253-3000 (x3288)
  • Office of the Ombudsperson – 519-661-3573
  • Learner Equity & Wellness Office – 519-661-4234 (x84234)  (London).   519-253-3000 (x4302) (Windsor)