School Matters Finding Your Way

Although our lives may be full of extracurricular activities, being a student of medicine is the priority right now. The difficult bit is that while we were all experts in the field that we came from, we’re still learning to become experts in medicine. As a result you may find that things aren’t going quite as smoothly as they used to. For tips on how to keep up your “A” game, there is the School Matters section. Here you’ll find tips on simple things like where to go if you have a question, all the way up to deciding if your study style needs a complete overhaul. Have a look and take what you need. Happy studying.


Don’t know where your next class is or where certain services are located? That’s not all that surprising, since there are a lot of places to think about. For those looking for a convenient guide, there are a number of maps available online. For those of you skilled with your smartphones, there is also the iWestern App to help you.  If you don’t want to walk alone or are really worried about getting lost, the Foot Patrol is just a call away and is always happy to stroll with you.



  • Campus Directions:
  • Western Foot Patrol: 519-661-3650
  • UWindsor Walksafe Program – 519-253-3000 (x3504)