School Matters Academic Support & Study Skills

Although our lives may be full of extracurricular activities, being a student of medicine is the priority right now. The difficult bit is that while we were all experts in the field that we came from, we’re still learning to become experts in medicine. As a result you may find that things aren’t going quite as smoothly as they used to. For tips on how to keep up your “A” game, there is the School Matters section. Here you’ll find tips on simple things like where to go if you have a question, all the way up to deciding if your study style needs a complete overhaul. Have a look and take what you need. Happy studying.


Medical school throws a lot of material at you. The good news is that as long as you know what resources you have, you’ll be just fine. Here are the tools in your arsenal:

Student block reps are your go-to people for questions about the course in general. Let them know what’s on your mind and they’ll pass the message on to the right person; sometimes they can even answer you right there, so it’s worth a shot. Professors and course chairs are also available to clarify the course material. You can talk to them after class or find their e-mail addresses on OWL. Stay classy, though. These docs are busy people too and can take a little while to respond.

The Student Support Team distributes notes for each block and also sets up events to help keep people mellow. Watch your email for messages from “SST” for when they have something ready for you.

The Student Development Centre offers many lectures, workshops and drop-in services if you ever feel like you need to change up your study game to get a leg up on your studies. If you still find yourself wanting more, remember that the Learner Equity & Wellness office is always there to connect you with further resources.


Course Chairs, Course Coordinators in Windsor and Block Reps

Listed on Owl site for each block.  Approach block reps with concerns about course or teachings.  Course chairs and professors are usually open to discussing and clarifying course content.

Learner Equity & Wellness Office

Connect you with resources to aid in learning of material and adjustment to medical school.
Rm. K1 Kresge (London)
Rm. 2124A MEB (Windsor):
Learner Equity & Wellness

Student Affairs Committee

First Year Survival Guide : Preclerkship Guides

Student Support Team

Course notes, peer counseling, activities to reduce stress and workshops.  Organize pre-exam Prep101 sessions.
(Website coming soon)

The Student Development Centre

Hosts a number of learning skills presentations and workshops throughout the year (writing, exam skills, time management, note taking, etc.).  Calendar and sign up at Learning Skills Services.  You can also drop into the Learning Help Centre, Rm. 4139 Western Student Services Building.

Writing Support Services

As a part of the Student Development Centre, Writing Support Services offers online resources along with individual and drop-in opportunities to help you succeed in your writing.  Help with academic writing and thesis revision available for all to use.  Resources, booking appointments and drop-in times: Writing Support

Western Peer Support Centre

Meet confidentially with peers if school is stressing you out.
Rm. 38 UCC, open 10am – 6 pm M-F.

Learning Skills Services

Provide information and support to help Western students achieve academic success, including individual counseling and resources specific to medical students. You can also drop into the Learning Help Centre, Rm. 4139 Western Student Services Building.
Rm. 4100 Western Student Services.
Learning Skills Services  Medical Student Resources

Learning Help Centre

Drop-in help (Sept-April) in WSS 4139

Academic Integrity

Proper citations – Guide

Plagarism Brochure

Academic Policy

Expectations and policy related to academics: Student Progress Policy

Windsor Student Services

Windsor Student Services

Windsor Education Development Centre

The UWindsor Education Development Centre has a number of programs and learning resources to support you. UWindsor EDC

Windsor Peer Suport Centre

CAW Student Centre, on the second floor, in room 208, weekdays from 12:00-8:00 pm


Western Peer Phone Line – Speak confidentially with peers about school stress or finding resources – 519-661-3425

Learning Skills Services – Confidential individual appointments – 519-661-2183

Student Support

Learner Equity & Wellness Office – 519-661-4234 (x84234)  (London).   519-253-3000 (x4302) (Windsor)