Life Matters Laundry

Your life is not limited to what happens inside the classroom. In fact, recent studies have shown that the majority of a student’s time is actually spent outside of lecture halls. If that sounds familiar, then perhaps we can interest you in the Life Matters section. This section includes things like cooking, groceries, car info and other various things to help with the daily grind. Be well.


Doing laundry for the first time? Don’t sweat it. Check out the instructions in the resources section. Print it up or bring it up on your phone for quick reference. Oh, and there’s some stuff you need to buy beforehand, so give a quick read before you start.


The laundry list

1)     Get 1 or 2 laundry bins and separate the lights and darks.  An iron and an ironing board (or a hard, flat surface).

2)     Buy some laundry detergent pods or liquid detergent – HE (high efficiency) if your washer needs it.

3)     Throw both the clothes and detergent pod in the laundry machine. If you bought liquid instead, measure up to the one load mark in the cap and pour it in the labelled tray in the machine.

4)     Select the hot cycle for whites, cold for darks. Set a timer and come back when it’s done. Or just wait.

5)      Throw it all into the dryer. Add one anti-static dryer sheet.

6)     Set to the ‘Normal’ setting. Be there when it finishes and fold clothes immediately on a flat surface to avoid wrinkling.

7)     Iron what needs to be ironed.