Life Matters Housing

Your life is not limited to what happens inside the classroom. In fact, recent studies have shown that the majority of a student’s time is actually spent outside of lecture halls. If that sounds familiar, then perhaps we can interest you in the Life Matters section. This section includes things like cooking, groceries, car info and other various things to help with the daily grind. Be well.


Home is where the heart is, and a lot goes into finding a suitable new abode. Where do I look? How much should I pay? Should I get a roommate? How are the buses? Where do I get furniture? The list goes on. In this section you’ll find some information to get things started. While you’re looking, remember: (1) Comfort and cost are BOTH important factors and (2) Even if you can afford it now, remember that rent goes up every year. Happy hunting!



  • SAC has put together a great guide for housing including maps of both Windsor and London, pros/cons of living in different areas, thoughts on living with other medical students along with much more.  Guide
  • If renting make sure to take picture and fill our a move-in checklist.  Apartment Checklist
  • Living with roommates can be a wonderful way to connect.  It also means learning to live with someone who may have different routines, habits, beliefs and more.  Some useful advice for those living with roommates: Getting Along With Your Roommate
  • For those moving to London a site has been put together for students new to the city including getting around, entertainment and more.  Your London Calling
  • Don’t assume all places have high speed internet service or the ability to connect with all providers.  Ask and make sure.


Being along a bus route is an important consideration in choosing where to live if you don’t have a car.  Being able to get to London or Windsor campus (especially in the years 1-2) and the hospitals is important.

  • Bus Route:  London Windsor
  • London bus routes are integrated into GoogleMaps for easy searching.  London OnTime also offers a free iOS app to help make sure you don’t miss your bus.


So, you’ve found the perfect place, now you need to make it livable.  Picking up used furniture can save you a bunch.  Make sure you know how much space you have and the size of doors/stairwells/elevators before picking up a huge desk or king size bed.  If you plan ahead many items can be had for cheap in late April when undergraduate students are moving our.  Many list items on Kijiji for quick sale and if you have a car or can get a friend to help out it’s a great way to fill you place.