Life Matters Cleaning

Your life is not limited to what happens inside the classroom. In fact, recent studies have shown that the majority of a student’s time is actually spent outside of lecture halls. If that sounds familiar, then perhaps we can interest you in the Life Matters section. This section includes things like cooking, groceries, car info and other various things to help with the daily grind. Be well.


Cleanliness is next to wellness…or something like that. Anyways, keeping your place clean can go a long way in keeping you comfortable. Seems simple most of the time, but by the time exams roll around you may be tempted to go back to the housing section and just trade up. No need to fret though, as there are some simple things you can do to keep things nice and comfy (or return your place to the comfort of better days). From the kitchen to the bath and elsewhere – onwards, dear reader!



  • Fridge
    • Baking soda for reducing general stench.
    • Clean out rotten food, check expiry. If leftovers going to rot/stink by garbage day, collect in freezer.
    • Vegetables liquefy if left in crisper/drawers, make sure to check.
  • Sink
    • A wire or plastic catch recommended for the drain. Stop things from clogging the sink.
    • Wash sink at the end of cleaning dishes.
  • Oven
    • Burner covers under the elements prevent larger messes when pots boil over.
    • If a flat top stove. Only use the recommended method of cleaning.
    • If a self-cleaning oven, make sure to remove the racks before. They will warp with the heat.
    • Oven cleaner. Spray, leave a couple hours, wipe down, and sparkle.


  • Toilet
    • Toilet cleaner, brush, plunger, bathroom cleaning spray, rags/sponge.
    • Putting a brick of Lever 2000 or another tablet cleaning agent in the upper tank can keep the toilet fresh and minimize cleaning.
  • Shower
    • Mildew sucks. Squeegee the walls after you shower, less work later. Use the fan to reduce humidity when using the tub/shower. Clean tub and tiles regularly.
  • Mirror
    • Basic Windex works great. Use on your windows too.


  • Vacuum weekly if you have carpet. Keep some spray/powder stain remover around for when juice/wine/etc. spills.
  • Swiffer wet mop works great on hardwood and kitchen floors.
  • If you are in a house, make sure to replace the furnace filter regularly. Reduces dusting.
  • Garbage & Recycling bins recommended. Know when garbage day is and larger item pick ups throughout the year.