Crisis Matters Personal & Family Illness

Crisis Matters is where to go if something is off and you need to do something - soon. Inside you’ll find resources and contacts in case you or somebody you know is dealing with depression, serious illness, abuse, substance misuse, or burnout. Remember, you don’t need to be certain that any of these are happening before you can find help; become informed and try to start the conversation early so things don’t escalate any further than they might have already. However, Vitals can only help you access these services, it cannot help you deal with crisis or emergency by itself. *If you or somebody you know feels unsafe or needs help right now – call 911!


Personal or family illness can make balancing life and school difficult.  In situations where illness is unexpected or you find yourself trying to manage too many things with too little time, contacting the Learner Equity & Wellness office by phone or email to discuss your options is encouraged.  For ongoing or chronic illness – or anything for which you will need long-term support – the Learner Equity & Wellness office can provide options and connections to appropriate resources and medical referrals.  Outside of the team at Schulich Medicine, support is available through a number of resources including support groups, help lines, and peer counseling services.


  • Student Health ServicesHealth Services
  • Forms for non-academic leave: Forms
  • Disability Insurance – In cases of significant personal illness/disability be sure to take the steps file your claim and receive your benefits if you have purchased insurance.
  • Learner Equity & Wellness Office – In emergent situations, take necessary action in your best interest and email to open the communication about the plan ahead. Staff can connect you with counseling, support groups and referrals for services as required.  Rm. K1 Kresge (London), Rm. 2124A MEB (Windsor): Learner Equity & Wellness
  • Psychological Services – Offer counseling including grief and bereavement support.  Psyc Services


  • Learner Equity & Wellness Office – 519-661-4234 (x84234)  (London).   519-253-3000 (x4302) (Windsor)
  • Western Peer Phone Line – 519-661-3425
  • Western Grief Support Group – For further information about the group please contact the group facilitator: at 519-661- 2111, x84789 or
  • Distress Centre Help Line (24hrs) – 519-667-6711 & 519-667-6600
  • UWindsor Student Health Services – 519-973-7002
  • Good2Talk – Free, professional and anonymous support for students in Ontario. 1-866-925-5454
  • Physician Health Program – Free connection with case managers to assist with concerns about your own, a family member’s or a college’s wellbeing: 1-800-851-6606