Crisis Matters Assault

Crisis Matters is where to go if something is off and you need to do something - soon. Inside you’ll find resources and contacts in case you or somebody you know is dealing with depression, serious illness, abuse, substance misuse, or burnout. Remember, you don’t need to be certain that any of these are happening before you can find help; become informed and try to start the conversation early so things don’t escalate any further than they might have already. However, Vitals can only help you access these services, it cannot help you deal with crisis or emergency by itself. *If you or somebody you know feels unsafe or needs help right now – call 911!


Assault exists whenever someone violates our personal boundaries, whether they are verbal, physical, or sexual. Nobody deserves to feel violated and it is important that we have somewhere where we are safe, free to speak, and free to seek help. The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry has a zero tolerance policy for all forms of mistreatment, abuse, and assault; the faculty works hard to ensure you are always supported – in school, in clerkship, and beyond. If an emergency situation comes up, you are able to immediately get assistance at any of the blue phone stations distributed around campus, and the campus police are constantly ready to respond to incidents. For those who want to get in touch with support for any situation, people are available to speak to in several departments – depending upon who you feel most comfortable talking to: Learner Equity & Wellness, Western Counselling Services, Student Health Services, Distress Help Line, and others. They may refer you to more specialized services for the best support, and you should feel encouraged to contact those services independently if you ever feel it necessary.


Physical Assault


  • Schulich Medicine policy for mistreatment, intimidation and harassment in clerkship – Reporting Policy  Procedure in cases of mistreatment/unprofessional conduct: Incident Flowchart

Sexual Assault/Abuse


General Contacts

  • Student Health Services – 519-661-3030 (x83030 from a campus phone)
  • Distress Centre Crisis Line – 519-433-2023
  • Campus Blue phones/campus pay phones – 911
  • Campus Police – 519-662-3300 or push red button on campus phones.
  • UWindsor Campus Community Police –  519-253-3000 (x1234)
  • Learner Equity & Wellness Office – 519-661-4234 (x84234)  (London).   519-253-3000 (x4302) (Windsor).  Cases of mistreatment/discrimination: Dr. Paul 519-646-6000 (x65681)
  • Western Counseling Services – 519-661-3031
  • Student Health Services – 519-661-3030
  • UWindsor Student Health Services – 519-973-7002

Verbal Assault

  • Equity and Gender Issues contact – 519-661-2111 (x88780)

Sexual Assault

  • Regional Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre – 519-646-6100 (x64224)
  • Women’s Community House Help Line – 519-642-3000
  • Assaulted Women’s Helpline (24 hrs) – 866-863-0511
  • Sexual Assault Centre Crisis Line – 519-438-2272
  • London Abused Women’s Centre – 519-432-2204
  • Windsor Sexual Assault Crisis Centre – 519-253-3100
  • Windsor Sexual Assault Treatment Centre – 519-255-2234